Thursday, December 22, 2011

Knicks Wrap Up Pre Season By Handling Nets

The Knicks and Nets faced off in both of their pre season games and the Knicks won both games pretty much in control the whole time winning the first of the two game series 92-83 and the second Wednesday 88-82. It didn't help that the Nets let my main man Renaldo Balkman look like Reggie Miller hitting fade away threes in that first game, scoring 20 points. It also won't help that in the second game Brook Lopez broke his foot and no one knows yet how long he'll be out. Both teams played sloppy as expected from the pre season.

Few good things from both teams.

The Knicks:
The Nets:
  • Marshawn Brooks is talented & tough(he took a MEEEEEAAAAN would be charge from Tyson Chandler) 
  • Brook Lopez seems to be rebounding better.
  • Damion James seems ready to be a solid contributor.
  • Deron Williams is still there!
The Nets open up the season Monday night in Washington without Lopez, so it doesn't look to good for them meanwhile the Knicks open Christmas day at the Garden in a tough rematch from last year's playoffs with the Celtics.