Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Jets And Giants Are Both 6-5...Now What?

The Giants just got there hides handed to them Monday night by New Orleans in a 24-49 loss which can only be described as well choreographed sodomy. The Jets overcame Sanchez's lust for keeping things interesting by winning there week 12 play date with the Bills with a 28-24 win. Sanchez managed to keep himself from being impaled by fans by moving past his terrible, terrible interception and going on to toss 4 TD's(a career high).

Monday, November 28, 2011

The NBA Is Back

Reports came in Saturday that the NBA looks like it's back in effect. It sounds as if basketball related income will be about a 50-50 split and that was enough to give fans a 66 game season starting Christmas day if what's reported is true. It's like a gift unto the world! I don't know how this plays on owners and players on an individual level but I'm willing to bet that one side remains filthy rich and the other still disguistingly rich. Just guessing.

In other news the blinged out chrome rim industry expects record profits for 2012.