Sunday, December 25, 2011

I Guess Kevin Garnett Can't Handle Losing Like A Loser

KG'antics are well known. He's a goon. Your classic school yard bully who usually messes with the smaller guys in fear of getting his clock cleaned. At least the guy can play though.

Knicks Beat Celtics To Give Us A Clutch Holiday Treat

So this is how the Knicks greeted us back to basketball.

Yeah. That's right, it's an expensive as hell HD-3D projector being displayed across MSG's entire floor.

Giants Win New York's Christmas Eve Battle!

"They were the better team today, and they're the better team this year. Clearly, I was wrong."
-Rex Ryan after loss

 The short of the story? The New York Jets were embarrassed by the New York Giants Saturday afternoon to the tune of 29-14.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Trash Talk 12.23.11

We're deep in winter now, but the Knicks, Jets and Giants are turning up the heat in the city and there are plenty of stories right now but I'm a bit juvenile and relish the trash talk. The Knicks have a new attitude and are looking to contend for a championship as soon as the season starts on Christmas meanwhile the Jets and Giants battle for New York's football crown as well as for playoff aspirations this Saturday.

With all this going on, it's only natural for a bit of chippiness to set in and so I present to you choice cuts of the juiciest trash talk this week.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Knicks Wrap Up Pre Season By Handling Nets

The Knicks and Nets faced off in both of their pre season games and the Knicks won both games pretty much in control the whole time winning the first of the two game series 92-83 and the second Wednesday 88-82. It didn't help that the Nets let my main man Renaldo Balkman look like Reggie Miller hitting fade away threes in that first game, scoring 20 points. It also won't help that in the second game Brook Lopez broke his foot and no one knows yet how long he'll be out. Both teams played sloppy as expected from the pre season.

Mark Sanchez Is Probably Huddling Up With Kate Upton Now

Damn you Mark Sanchez. Somehow you just keep winning. It never looks pretty but you do, and now this. The infamous page six reports an alleged relationship brewing between the Jets QB and victoria secret lingere model and all around hot piece Kate Upton. By the time this kid's playing career is finished his penis would have been bronzed and put on a pedestal for commoners to worship and pray to.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jets & Giants Meet Saturday After Ruining Last Weekend For Us

If you are a fan of NY football then it was hard to watch the NFL last weekend as New York's two teams tried to out stink themselves against their opponents. The Giants looked outmatch by a 5-9 Redskin team that looked in control of the Giants throughout the whole game. Giants first round pick Prince Amukamara was exposed during the game which led to him being called out by teammate Antrelle Rolle. When asked what the problem was on defense Rolle responded:

“Then that’s just Prince getting beat...There weren’t any breakdowns.”

The Mets Are Reeeeaally Trying To Make Some Money Here

The Mets have this really really annoying habit of losing and letting me down, so when the NY Times ran  a story about the team being sold I wasn't surprised they were only minority shares of ownership. I was also unsurprised at the lame list of perks included such as access to Mr exchange for a small fee of 20 mil. Who wouldn't make that investment!?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jets And Giants Looking Pretty Good Going Into Playoff Stretch

 Two important and crucial wins for NY football took place this past Sunday, with the NY Jets destroying the Chiefs and the  NY Giants pulling out a come from against the Cowboys. Both were very crucial wins for each  respective team as a loss would have dramatically diminished either team's chances at a playoff spot.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hey There Tyson Chandler, How Ya Doing?

Satryday or what I like to call "Saturday" when I can type properly, the New York Knicks and the New York media welcomed Tyson Chandler to the team and he was introduced via this presser which you can watch here thanks to

Friday, December 9, 2011

It's Been A Craaaaazy Week For The NBA. Today Was Even Crazier

Tyson Chandler does this kinda stuff, is tall, & now a Knick.

As soon as the NBA lockout ended the talk began. It was being reported through various news outlets that Chris Paul via proxy had told the now NBA owned and controlled Hornets that he would not sign an extension and that he wanted to be traded most preferably to the New York Knicks.

Sure enough the Knicks were hungry for a huge serving of Chris Paul only, New Orleans would be damned before they gave him up to us for belly button lint.

The Carmelo Anthony trade left the cupboard empty for the Knicks. All the top market teams are seemingly in a high stakes arms race and this set the stage for the madness that ensued this week.

Monday, December 5, 2011

No Way Jose!

I think the Mets should have went with my plan and photographed a dead hooker that's been planted in his hotel room to use as "leverage" during "negotiations". Also If you haven't realized, I like "quotation marks".