Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jets Looking Better At 4-3 Following Victory Over Chargers

So the Jets pulled out a convincing win over the San Diego Chargers Sunday winning 27-21. 
In the victory the Jets played what had to be the best all around game of the season.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mike Francesca Still Hasn't Got The Hang Of This "Interview" Concept

I don't know if anyone respects or likes the job Mike Francesa does within his craft. I don't know too many football fans who do. Not too may basketball or baseball fans either. Just as well. Seems the players also can't stand this air head either as demonstrated by Darelle Revis when he hangs up on him mid interview after being badgered about an "iffy" call from Sundays Jets-Dolphins match up.

Jets And Giants Come Away With Week 6 Wins

So both New York teams walk away with a victory this past week. We'll start with the Jets first because this game was much easier to analyze.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Giants Piss Me Off By Losing To Seahawks

So after four weeks of counting out the Giants against quality opponents and having them win, I pick a healthier retooled Giants to win against a crumby Seattle team. In case you didn't realize from the picture to the left, that didn't turn out to well for me.

Eli Manning embraced his inner Tony Romo and threw three picks, one of which went for the winning touchdown. Victor Cruz played well there's always that.

The only explanation I can fathom is that the G-Men took the Seahawks a little too lightly and figured it'd be an easy win(which it should have been). In the end Seattle made more plays and just looked like they wanted it more beating NY 36-25. Next on the sched...yea, I call the schedule "the sched" on the sched is the very hot Bills at 4-1, who can't seem to stop lighting up scoreboards. The Giants are going to have to take them serious or be in for a rude awakening on Sunday.

Jets Lose To Pats And Derrick Mason Gets Traded

Derrick Mason lasted 5 weeks in a Jets uniform. Mason was acquired under very short notice in a very short off season, in an effort to replace the production of Jerricho Cotchery but things didn't really pan out like that, not that Cotchery is doing much better himself.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Jets & Giants Headed Into NFL Week 5

Sooo, where were we? Oh. The Giants despite being cursed by the blair witch and sustaining numerous injuries have fought and clawed their way to a 3-1 record thus far. How the hell did they do it? Beats the hell outta me, all I know is that it looks like they're proving they still have the mettle that made them champions in the first place.

Meanwhile the Jets got some work to do. 2-2 is not the end of the world but losing two straight, playing a very sloppy game like the one in Baltimore, AND not having the running game on track signals a rough road ahead especially when you consider a 3-1 Patriot team is playing host in week five.