Monday, January 2, 2012

The Jets Can't Even Help Themselves

So after squandering multiple opportunities to look like a legitimate team the New York Jets couldn't even help themselves get into the playoffs let alone get help from the Titans, who happen to have won their game(which if they lost and the Jets won could have put them in the playoffs).

It was just more of the same Jet's shit really. Schotty's terrible game management on offense and the lack of ...I don't know...the offense has just not looked good. The Jets never had an unstoppable offense but they have looked better, this 2011-2012 team offense just sucks and that's the story of the 19-17 Miami Dolphin loss Sunday and of the season.

I  won't go as far as to say it's the fault of Sanchez specifically, I won't even say Sanchez doesn't have the tools and ability but the kid's decision making leaves alot to be desired. The only good decision he's made as of late is this:

and again he doesn't even deserve this.

Instead of diminishing the population of eligible lingere/bikini super models in the world, I feel certain that he should be watching more film. He should be all over that film like I am all over that Sobe Upton commercial.
While he's doing that, Mikey T should be looking into right tackles so Sanchez doesn't have to keep running for his life and be treated for PTSD after every game.

Also...these wide outs aren't getting enough separation on these defenders. Just saying Mike Tannenbaum has some work to do but now that the Jets are eliminated from the playoffs he has time to get an early jump on things.

The Jets ran the ball well but after giving up a late touchdown NY needed a quick air strike in orde to have any hope and again the offense...No reciever had more than 100  yds, Santonio Holmes, he of the cushy 5 yr contract didn't even show up on the box score. at. all.   oh...and yeah Sanchez threw two touchdowns but it took 32 attempts which also resulted in only 207 yards and three interceptions.

That's about it. The whole affair was just ugly. More on the impact and Mr. Santonio Holmes later. For now I need some alone time with Kate.