Monday, January 2, 2012

About The Knicks' 3 Game West Coast Trip

In a nutshell? Overall?...Horrible but hopeful.

By the way, Happy New Year's! I know it's a bit late but if you know me then you know why. As for the Knicks west coast road trip...three games, one win. Against Golden State and LA we looked horrid. No ball movement, no teamwork.

The most glaring problem was the fact that no one was able to take hold of the offense and instead the Knicks looked like the contents of my toilet bowl after a few bad fish tacos. Toney Douglas the point guard had trouble distributing the ball and hitting open teammates and as a result what happened was alot of Amare and Melo isolation surrounded by multiple defenders, as well as a bunch of people just jackin up threes, looking as if it didn't matter one way or the other if they fell or not.
During the LA game Stoudemire sprained a foot and was unavailable for the Sac town game but after 2 horrid games already, I'm guessing a good kick in the ass from the coaching staff got the offense clicking again and looking like a well oiled machine resulting in a blowout win for the bocker's 114-92.

A few observations in that three game span.
  • Carmelo Anthony is really really good...even when he isn't.
  • Every time you try and count Toney Douglas out he gives a superb performance.
  • Toney Douglas really needs to be consistent before I end up asphyxiating during a mid game snack.
  • Josh "Jorts" Harrellson aint polished, but he hustles, defends and has spunk. He's on a rookie contract so he'll probably sell you some spunk if you ask nicely, which sounds gross and is but hey.
  • Amare is really good at that three point shot now, can I still get those vicious dunks though?
  • Carmelo playing point forward is a good idea, but he needs time to get the role right.
  • In the meantime while Melo figures the point forward, we need a distributor until TD becomes consistent.
  • Mike Bibby still has some game but he's slower than the time between Dick Clark's bowel movements.
And now the footage of the good don't wanna see the me: